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Written by Maurizio Mutti

The responsible for everything on this Blog it’s me, Maurizio Mutti, a Swiss software engineer.

A small resume of my first decade of experience on software development follow:

I worked on assistive technologies software, which helps persons with disabilities to use the computer. Learning how to create user centric Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) that simplifies the use of software by the end user.

I developed many internet and intranet web sites and portals, learning how to use various techniques server and client side to improve the user experience during its navigation.

Another challenge in web development is the web site optimization to be correctly indexed on search engines gaining global visibility.

I learned to use the most popular network communication protocols like telnet, pop, smtp, ftp, snmp and so on, to develop client and server applications.

I developed classical business management software in desktop, client-server and three tier architecture to manage orders, invoices, inventory and so on, getting in confidence with the SQL language to reduce at minimum the traffic of data on the network and the computational workload.

I assembled and configured normal PC and Media Center solutions based on Microsoft Windows Media Center.

I developed software for embedded devices, in particular on ARM7 and BeckIPC platforms learning to optimize the code to spare computational workload and memory resources.

I like to develop software and I am always looking forward for new challenges.
I hope you will find some interesting pill on my tech pills collection.