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Written by Maurizio Mutti

The main reason that brings to live this Blog is that as a software engineer I spend most of my work time solving problems.

Many time finding out the “perfect” solution require hours, searching information on the internet from different sources, testing the ideas that came in my mind, and mix everything together can take long time.
Most of the times I do not find a “ready to eat” solution, maybe because a solution someone else has found has become obsolete, maybe because other people had different scenarios which are not compatible with mine.

How this blog help me to solve this problem?

It helps me because I usually never write down a report about the solution I found because at that moment everything is clear into my mind. Just a folder in my bookmarks is enough to remember the solution.
Following Murphy’s law the problem will appear again after some months and at that time I will not remember the solution anymore, so I will have to go thru the bookmarks read them and test again that everything works.

I use this Blog as a notepad for the solution I find, write them down, so next time a problem occur again I will be able to read the related post and do not waste my time on something I already solved.

This Blog is a kind of tech tips collection; I decided to made it public so that maybe I can help someone else to solve a similar problem.
In this Blog you will not find personal stuffs about me or about how I manage my company; you will find only technically based post and maybe some third party products reviews.
Of course if it will help me to make to increase my company reputation and get in contact with new customers this is welcome but this is not its primary goal.

Another reason to write this Blog is to improve my English language skill, which for someone working in IT is really a must.
I am not English mother tongue so every opportunity to exercise it will help me to make it natural for me.